3 Bed 4 Bath Custom Home - 5,116 sf

Front view of a 5,116 square foot, 3 bed, 4 bath custom home.


3 bedroom

4 bathroom

2 car garage

detached garage with bonus room & bathroom

5116 sq. ft. living

Front elevation of a 3 bed 4 bath 5,116 sf custom home.
Floor Plan of a 3 bed 4 bath 5,116 sf custom home by Ever Built of Ocala.
Street view of the exterior of 5116 square foot custom home.
Sidewalk view of the front entrance of 5116 sf custom home.
Front arched door and doorway with brick boarder and two lamp style lights on each side of doorway.
Aerial view of enclosed underground pool connecting the main home and detached garage.
Upstairs open patio deck with umbrella table and chairs.
Aerial rear exterior view of custom home and property.
Enclosed in ground pool with connected hot tub.
Outdoor bar with grill and kitchenette.
Custom Home interior room with wooden floors and ceiling fan.
Custom home room with attached bathroom.
Custom full bathroom.
Looking down custom staircase from the second floor to the front door.
Room with French Doors
Looking down the upstairs catwalk.
Catwalk on the second floor looking into the Great Room with fireplace and chandelier.
Custom built kitchen with white granite counter tops.
Custom kitchen with large stainless steal fridge and appliances.
Custom built bathroom.
Custom sun room with brick fireplace and wood floors.
Interior view of front entrance area.
Room with ceiling fan gray walls and wood floor.
Walk-in shower with room with 3 shower heads and bench seat.
Custom bathroom.
Deep white tub with an entrance on each side to the walk-in shower area.
Walk-in closet with bench seat.
Custom built bathroom with deep tub and two towel racks, and walk-in shower behind it.
The Great Room with the kitchen shown towards the back.
Custom Home 5116 Interior
Foyer kitchenette area.
First floor view of the second floor catwalk.
Large brick fireplace in the Great Room.
White tub with four legs in custom bathroom.
Tub faucet.
Clear crystal door knob.
Custom white wooden cabinets with metal handles.
Bedroom with bed, 2 shelfs, a chair and mounted TV in the corner.
Interior room.
Custom full bathroom with tub and standing shower.
Hallway looking toward the kitchen.
Custom bathroom sink with a flowery artistic design on the basin.
Custom built bathroom.
Custom kitchen with stool seating under the center island.
Floorspace between the center island and stove and kitchen cabinets.
Custom kitchen island with windows and door showing the enclosed pool area.
Commercial sized fridge in the kitchen.
Custom kitchen showing island counter with dual ovens in the background.
Dual stoves with ovens.
Custom kitchen island.
Custom kitchen with six bar stools under the kitchen island countertop and two dual stoves against the wall.